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Our company was founded in 2011 by Kamal Zabidat. With our head-office based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we are a dedicated team who trades, processes, and distributes a wide range of bakery seeds, grains, pulses, rice, herbs & spices to the retail, bakery & confectionery markets worldwide. When it comes to traded volumes, we are one of the bigger players in our segment due to our company philosophy, dedication, and competitiveness as a result. 


Our customers are packers, distributors, or processors who seek high quality, transparent, and affordable - yet fair - priced ingredients. Companies who are familiar with the challenges of building an honest and transparent supply chain. Those who are looking for a reliable partner who always thinks along, maintains flexible, and always remains at their disposal, through thick and thin. 


Our products range from seeds to specialty commodities, packed and delivered in a wide range of packaging sizes from 10 kg paper bags to 1.000 kg big bags or silo trucks. We are specialized in sourcing new commodities throughout the extensive network we’ve built throughout the years and have amazing partners to continue expanding together with our customers.


Our success is the result of following our passion: sourcing commodities in developing countries, educating local farmers and processors, and ensuring that the commodities which we source meet our customers’ requirements. If possible, by processing locally, and otherwise by reprocessing commodities upon arrival. As a result, we source our commodities through our own projects in Africa (Tanzania, Somalia, Burkina Faso, and Ethiopia) and South America (Colombia, Paraguay) and work closely with accredited suppliers and certified processers in the EU. All backed by our own acquired certifications such as IFS Broker, Riskplaza +, and EU 834/2007 organic.


Your success? We’re realistic and don’t believe that we are the reason of any of our customers’ success, but are convinced that we do play our part and are a strong partner to any organization. Being committed to our suppliers, customers, and other partners makes us eager to assist more companies with what we have to offer. 

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