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Building relationships through integrity and trust are the fundamentals of our company. As a result, by safeguarding the best interest for our clients as well as our suppliers, we have been able to continue to strengthen our succes.

A succes not only built on relationships, but also on our objective and ability to remain competitive. As a trading company, our focus lies on keeping the core of our business agile, flexible, and cost effective. We outsource our production and storage at the highest quality GFSI certified facilities, we outsource our logistics with experienced GFSI certified service providers, and we outsource our QA to ensure that we always stay on top of new developments, requirements, and potential risks, whilst ensuring that we can stay focused on the continuously fluctuating commodity markets. 

Our core values:


- we guarantee the highest possible quality with every kg we sell -


- we ensure honesty and trustworthiness in all our actions -


- we cherish our relationships and will always take that extra step -

- we are committed to deliver the highest quality, at the fairest prices -

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