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We can't even express how big of a role our projects and local partners (friends, to be honest) play to be able to support our clients with the best quality product and a fully traceable and transparant supply chain. We started with these projects years ago and they have become one of the most rewarding and exciting endeavours we have experienced. Sure, sometimes being involved in local activities can be a headache (to say the least), but those small hiccups are swallowed up by excitement when the first product after a new crop arrives in our warehouse.

Burkina Faso

Organic sesame seeds

Organic fonio

Organic hibiscus

Organic cashew nuts

Organic shea butter


Organic sesame seeds

Organic bird eye chilis

Organic coffee

Organic beans


Organic sesame seeds

Organic coffee

Organic Quinoa

Organic beans


Organic sesame seeds

Organic chia seeds

Organic bird's eye chilli

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