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AMF (Anhydrous Milk Fat) blend

Introducing a new gamechanger that will rival traditional AMF.

Though AMF is being used as one of the main ingredients in the production of ice cream, chocolate, cakes and dairy drinks, it is far from cheap. Something we aim to change by slightly changing the composition of current AMF blends, whilst also making a greater impact in the countries where we run our current projects. With our butter blend, we thrive to achieve a price improvement of between 20-25% on both the conventional and organic traditional AMF whilst quality should remain almost on par.

Added bonus: our blend won't be mixed with palmfat, giving it a palm free clean label!

Anhydrous Milk Fat, is a fat-rich dairy product originally produced in India. It is prepared from cow milk by heating butter to evaporate nearly all the moisture and to produce a characteristic flavor. It has long storage stability in ambient temperatures. The advantages of using milk fat in the bakery industry are the buttery flavor and the creamy mouthfeel it imparts in products such as puff pastry, croissants, and Danish pastry and the functional properties, especially that of the stearin fraction of AMF with a higher melting point and solid fat content, that are useful in such products. AMF, also used in butter cookies where the main concern is flavor, has shortening properties such as crunchiness.


  • 10kg cartons

  • 20kg cartons

  • Customizable blending

Image by Megumi Nachev
Butter Croissant


Africa, EU, processed in EU

Optional certifications

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